Employment Assistance Programs

Quality EAP

The counselling sessions are a safe, confidential space for the employee or family member to talk through their problems and learn coping skills on how to handle stressful situations.


What benefits does EAP have for businesses?

For any business to succeed, the business needs a team of healthy, happy, productive employees. As the saying goes “you are only as strong as your weakest link”. Some of the amazing benefits your business will see by having Australian Coastal Health Collective as your EAP provider are:

  • Empowered and supported workers. By empowering and supporting your workers through our EAP program, your staff will learn to resolve and understand issues that have been impacting their lives and impacting their work performance.

  •  Productivity. People are complex and life happens, it comes down to how we deal with it. By providing the EAP program to your employees, you are giving your staff access to tools to help

  • cope, resolve, and overcome their life problems. As studies have shown, people who are dealing with unresolved issues tend to be lacking in sleep which result in loss of concentration, underperformance and other mental health side effects that dramatically impact their productivity at work.

  • Reduced sick days.  People who are coping with stress, pressure and mental health issues are far more likely to call in sick. This then adds extra stress and pressure on other staff members. It can become a vicious cycle resulting in other staff members having to pick up the slack, leaving them feeling burnt out and overworked.

  • Workcover. Research shows that EAP programs that are offered freely to employees significantly reduces Workcover claims for issues such as work-related stress and accidents. EAP provides a safe, confidential place for your employees to have issues resolved outside the workplace.

  • Retention.  As any business knows, the costs of training staff to only leave a short time later is not only expensive but it also causes strain on the business, other staff members and managers. By offering an EAP program through the Australian Coastal Health Collective, it will help to build a stronger relationship with your employees which will result in long term loyalty and retention.

  • Save money. Like the old saying goes “you have to spend money to make money”, and this is no different. A study in 2014 by PwC Report (headsup.org.au) found that every dollar spent creating a “mentally healthy workplace” sees returns of $2.30 in benefits. So not only are you looking after your staff members, their mental health, and their family, as a business you are also increasing your profits.

Why chose ACHC to be your company EAP provider?

Not only are we highly qualified and offer unbeatable rates we believe there are numerous reasons that have made the Australian Coastal Health collective one of the best employment assistance programs in Australia.

  • No annual fee. That’s right, unlike most EAP providers we do not charge an annual fee for being with us.

  • Free Mental Health Workshop annually.  At ACHC we provide one (1) free workshop per annum, delivered either face to face or online for your employees. At the workshops, we will discuss industry-related topics, tips on dealing with stress and answer any questions your employees may have about EAP. These workshops are invaluable, as they give your employees a chance to meet some of the counsellors which help builds to build the foundation of trust between the client and counsellor.

  • Only used sessions are billed. At ACHC we only charge for the sessions that have been used. Some EAP providers will charge an annual set rate regardless of how many staff members have accessed the EAP counselling sessions, and if exceeded will then charge another fee on top of this. At Australian Coastal Health Collective, we only ever charge for the sessions that have been used.

  • Choice of a counsellor. Counselling is one of the most personal processes anybody can be involved in. This means that part of ensuring counselling is successful is that the counsellor and client can build a relationship. Studies have shown that the client/ counsellor relationship is 60% of successful therapy. Meaning that the client does not feel comfortable, relaxed, respected, and heard.

  • Online, Face to face or telephone. At ACHC we offer online (Zoom, WhatsApp) face to face or telephone counselling sessions. Which allows clients flexibility in how they have their counselling sessions. Some clients may prefer to be in the comfort of their own home, walking in the park or sitting face to face with their counsellor. Whatever is the preference, we can accommodate.



If you are ready to take the next step in protecting your business and employees future, fill out the details and we will get back to you with a quote.