Coercive Control and Narcissistic Abuse - are you being manipulated?

Coercive control is an abusive tactic used by narcissistic individuals or groups.

It is a pattern of tactics that involve threats, humiliation, intimidation and is used to control , harm, frighten or punish their victim.

It is manipulation that creates a sense of fear that pervades all areas of a victims life.

It is a planned distortion of their reality based on misinformation , and resulting in consequences if the victim does not conform.

These tactics might include

Isolation from your support systems

Monitoring your activity

Denying your freedom or autonomy


Limiting access to money

Controlling aspects of your health and body

Making accusations against you

Accusing you of over reacting

These tactics are designed to create fear, guilt, shame, confusion, hopelessness, and a loss of truth.

This results in the victim being hyper vigilant, socially withdrawn, anxious, paranoid , even suffering ptsd and questioning their own sanity.

It can be quite a shock if you realise this has been happening to you, you will probably question everything and wonder if any of your experience was real.

This is the time to search inward, to rediscover your own truth, and step away from the manipulation

To help recover, you start with self care, and expect that it may take some time to rebuild

, stay active and eat well

Get connected again with trusted family and friends who have your best interests at heart

Use community resources available to help

Get support from a therapist or professional services

There is life again after narcissistic coercive control, and becoming aware of it is often the most confronting part,

but the beginning of positive change .

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