Guest Blog by Chelsea Lea Awareness Counselling

If I remembered to tell myself over and over again, “I have a choice.” If I remembered deep down that I do have a choice, would I remember to choose? If I chose to believe that I always have a choice, then what would I do next? If we know that we always have a choice, then what position have we put ourselves in? A very powerful one.

We’ve forgotten we have a choice. We might even resist the thought.

When we choose to be responsible for our world, we acknowledge our role in any given outcome. We stop the excuses. We get going.

This. This is what awareness counselling is. An unravelling of the stories we’ve made true about why we are in the situation we are in. An unravelling of our power. An unravelling.

The first few sessions with me are to bring awareness to the choices you have been making and the role you have been playing in your life. We talk about where you are now and where you want to be and how to do this. We bust some myths about time and relationships, and you get to know your Personality Type and how being different to others can bring us closer together instead of farther apart. Through brain training and mindset tools you start to apply the teachings to your own life.

You start making conscious choices. You start to feel good. You have chosen to after all.

I’m here for you remember how powerful you are. I’m here to sit with you in some discomfort so you can move through it.

Your job is to acknowledge that something needs to change, mine is to show your choices.

Written By Chelsea Lea

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