Relationship Counselling

Deciding to get relationship counselling can be a big decision

It doesn’t mean your relationship is heading towards failure, in fact it can be completely the opposite

Recognising that there are issues or conflict, and taking the first step towards assistance, is an opportunity to improve the relationship beyond what it is currently

Of course there are no guarantees, as some core issues may remain incompatible,

but for most couples ,with the equal desire to improve things, and the capacity to embrace self awareness, then the issues and conflicts are resolvable.

The process involves looking at the obstacles present, and how each person contributes.

Analysis of communication styles and beliefs allows us to uncover how and why conflict arises

By examining how this differs in each individual, we can create new perspectives and adjustments to communication styles.

It’s about pinpointing what are core beliefs, what is negotiable and what is not negotiable.

With a new understanding ,and learning techniques and skills , change is created and more effective communication takes place.

This creates more emotional intimacy and safety, and in turn , a happier , better functioning relationship

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