Try This For Just Five Minutes Today... by Kellie M Cox

There is a lot of pain and uncertainty in the world this week. We are invested in images, media and passionate discussions about things that are draining us of our energy and empathy.

I want to propose just a quick five-minute connection exercise. I hope you might try it and let me know what you did and how it made you feel. We can only help others when our tank if full. And if you are an empath, a front-line worker, a carer, a parent, or a friend, you may be needing just five minutes to recharge you.

· Take a moment to unplug, leave your screens behind.

· Walk out into the sunshine, into the fresh air.

· Take your shoes off and put your feet into the grass, the soil, the sand, or the ocean.

· If you can’t get outside and have a furry, feathery, or scaly friend, get down on the floor with them and just cuddle. Pat your pet and feel their fur, feathers, or scales. Look into their eyes and connect for a moment, just concentrate on them and the way they look back at you.

· Put on some music and dance around the house, after one song, your energy will have shifted.

· Do something for you today that is just for you. Do it for five minutes or thirty minutes for an hour or a day, for as long as it makes you feel grounded, fulfilled, and energised.

I get to walk along the beach and paddle in the water with my dogs. In that moment, I can do nothing more than concentrate on them and the waves pounding the shore. They jump over the white tops of the waves to chase the stick. And as I look out at the ocean, that great force of unstoppable energy, I am reminded that even the waves take a pause in between sets. There is a moment of quietness before the next set of crashing waves pound the sandy shoreline.

Take a moment for you today. You can’t control what happened yesterday. That is past. You can’t control on a worldwide scale what is happening tomorrow. But right now, today, you can take a moment for yourself to connect, to ground, to self-care and in that moment, you can say to yourself.

I am ok. Right now, in this moment, I am ok!

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