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Exclusive Services

Australian Coastal Health Collective offers specialist services - individual, relationships, family support as well as workshop and group support.


Each counsellor and group facilitator is qualified and trained in the area of specialty.


Unsure of what support would best suit you? Make an enquiry and our team will assist you to find the best match to suit your needs.  

Our counsellors offer Individual Counselling Services, specialising in:

 Mental health support

Depression and anxiety

Grief and loss

Trauma recovery

Relationship concerns

Work and study issues


Life goals and life transitions

Meet with a qualified and experienced counsellor to set your goals and make a real change in your life. After hours and weekend sessions may be available.

Relationship Counselling

Our relationship counsellors are skilled to help you work through your relationship worries, issues and concerns.

Whether you need guidance through your current relationship, building better communication with a previous partner or have family troubles we can help.

Our Relationship counsellors are trained in Gottman Therapy, along with other methods, and offer you a non-judgemental, confidential space to work on and build better relationships long term. 

Trauma Recovery

Events and experiences shape our lives, the way we react and respond. When trauma occurs, either from a single event, or from lots of events compounded over time, it causes us to create coping strategies, in order to protect ourselves.

These strategies, unknowingly, form the patterns for our relationship dynamics. They may also show up in the body as discomfort or illness.

Our counsellors can assist with ways to overcome our patterns, to heal trauma, and find better ways to function moving forward. 

Pet Bereavement

The loss of a pet can be one of the hardest life events someone can endure.

Our counsellors understand the strong bond you can have with your furry friend.

We offer a safe space for you to grieve the loss of your loved one and process your feelings in a healthy supportive environment.

Support & Recovery for DV

We have specialised counsellors who work with both men and women recover from abusive relationships.

Our counsellors recognise the strength it takes to leave a DV situation, and  also understands that the emotional damage and trauma doesn’t just disappear once the relationship is over.

With support and guidance, our  DV support counsellors will help rebuild your confidence, assist you in healing, and find a positive way forward. 

Creative Writing and Coaching

Email for an appointment with Author and Counsellor, Kellie M Cox to discuss anything and everything writing and publishing related. Kellie is the creator of Strong Female Protagonists Publishing and a Clinical Consultant in the film and production industry.

Kellie can assist with issues of writers block; character development for your work in progress or for that book that is destined to be written.

Kellie can also walk you through the editing and self publishing minefield and help you to market and promote your work. 

Our central Gold Coast location allows easy access with free on site parking and close to public transport.

Workshops from $15

We are here to help.

For any other needs or queries, please contact us. If we can't support you, we will be able to offer referral suggestions. 


Thanks for reaching out, we'll get back to you shortly.

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